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19 Games That Let You Do Horrible Things With No Consequences  

Jacob Shelton
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In every gamer’s life, there comes a time when they grow weary of playing by the rules, when the very idea of following through on the gameplay that’s been laid out before you seems like a hideous chore, and that’s where the video games that make you a god come into play. Sometimes you don’t want to save the princess or level up so you can live a long and happy life as an honest member of society. There are days where you just want to play some video games where you can commit crimes and watch your digital world burn. Whether they’re giving you a chance to throw penguins to their deaths like you’ve always wanted to or see what would happen if you shot some unlicensed nuclear accelerators at the walls of an expensive hotel instead of chasing ghosts, what they’re really doing is allowing you to relax.

Video games where you can be evil aren’t a new invention. Creators of some of the most classic games have been normalizing insane behavior from the time they told you it was okay for a plumber to beat a gorilla to death with a hammer, it’s just that you’re finally getting hip to what they’re laying down. How do you feel about playing God via video games? Do you love it? Or are you bored and looking to expand you power to the realm of the corporeal? Vote up the games that make you the most gleeful as you commit atrocities, then leave us a comment about the worst thing you’ve ever done in real life.

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You could make a case for all the Grand Theft Auto games being the perfect way to let off your worst steam. As a player, you can pull people out of cars, beat up prostitutes, rob strangers, you know, go nuts. But Grand Theft Auto V expands the world to its natural apex, and with that world-building comes an unending amount of trouble in which to find yourself. 

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What terrible stuff can't you do in The Sims? This is the game where you're asked to literally play god in order to win or whatever it is you get out of forcing digital people to starve to death or have increasingly ugly children. 

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No list of havoc-wreaking games is complete without The Simpsons: Hit & Run, a very underrated GameCube/Xbox/PS2 classic. Think Grand Theft Auto, but everyone's yellow and there are EVEN FEWER consequences. 

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You know who plays Fallout 4 straight through like they're playing a normal game? Squares, that's who. In the most ridiculous version of the Fallout series, you can nuke stuff, build stuff, do whatever the f*ck you want - even play the game, if you're a nerd. 

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