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Video Games You Can Beat Without Hurting Anyone

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When it comes to replaying video games, people love challenging themselves through different playing styles. For select games, doing a pacifist run can be one of the most difficult things ever. After mowing down enemies for so long, you could be tempted to end some foes. With enough focus, you'll be able to brag about your accomplishment to your friends.

These games with pacifist runs offer some unique experiences for those willing to drop their weapons. Whether you're doing it for fun or trying to grab a trophy, these runs are a complete blast. Vote for your favorite games you can beat without killing anyone.

  • Dishonored's story is built around assassination, but you can run through it as a pacifist. While you can't take out humans, you are allowed to take down Clockwork Soldiers, gravehounds, and wolfhounds.

    A complete pacifist run will unlock the Clean Hands achievement/trophy and give you the best ending. With Dishonored's accompanying DLC, you can also get the Cleaner Hands and Cleanest Hands achievements/trophies.

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  • Photo: Toby Fox

    Known as "the RPG game where you don't have to destroy anyone," Undertale pokes fun at you for being a pacifist. Many characters will make jokes about the nonviolent way you're approaching the game. Fortunately, this route leads to easier boss battles.

    A pacifist run is the only way to get the true ending of the game.

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  • SWAT 4 is built around having a pacifist run. As a member of a SWAT team, your main goal is to not use lethal force during your task unless it's necessary. Doing so will result in severe penalties at the mission's end.

    You can take down suspects with non-lethal weapons to achieve a perfect score. 

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  • Released back in 2008, Mirror's Edge introduced many gamers to the world of parkour. While you can use firearms to get by, the game allows you to simply knock your opponent unconscious with a few punches and kicks.

    Doing a pacifist run will give you the Test of Faith achievement/trophy.

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