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15 'Lord Of The Rings' Fans Point Out Details About Gandalf We Never Noticed Before

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Gandalf the Grey? More like Gandalf the GOAT! This smart and sassy supernatural supercentenarian is everyone's favorite Middle-earth member going back to the publication of The Hobbit in 1937. Of course, Gandalf is even bigger on the big screen - in size, yes, but also in personality.

Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy seems to have everlasting popularity (one Netflix user watched Return of the King 361 times in 2017), continuously reminding people of Gandalf's goofy yet godly greatness. Some of these people contextualize his LOTR antics in ways we hadn't considered before. Examples of these Gandalf fan details are screencapped below. 

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    He's An Unappreciated God

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    He Wanted The Boss For Himself

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    He Brought A Third Eagle For Smeagol

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    When He's Mad At Someone, He Uses Their Full Name Like A Mother Who's Losing Patience With Her Child

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