27 Gandalf Memes That Go Great With A Bit Of Pipe-Weed

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Sure you have your Dumbledores and Merlins, but there's only one wizard we'd want to hang out with: Gandalf of The Lord of the Rings. He's down to Middle-earth and isn't afraid to give himself a glow-up. Plus he's friends with eagles (when it's convenient). Find more LOTR memes, where else, at r/lotrmemes

  • 1. Gandalf Grabbing That XP

    Gandalf Grabbing That XP
    Photo: u/miqeladze_19 / Reddit
  • 2. Fancy Way Of Saying 'Shut Up'

    Fancy Way Of Saying 'Shut Up'
    Photo: u/rumbustiousrhino / Reddit
  • 3. Gandalf Does IT

    Gandalf Does IT
    Photo: u/MasterEntmoot / Reddit
  • 4. He's Definitely Holding

    He's Definitely Holding
    Photo: u/kimjaungun / Reddit