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The Most Creative Garage Door Art of All Time

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The best thing about art is that anyone can do it. It’s a pastime practiced by street urchins and the bourgeoisie alike, and even in its most obscure of forms it can transcend the realm of standard human emotions. Obviously, the most interesting and well-regarded form of art is garage door painting. After all, as Rembrandt probably once said, “The deepest and most lifelike emotion has been expressed, and that's the reason they have taken so long to execute... on a garage door.” A good piece of garage door art can make one’s soul weep to the heavens with joy, and even the worst splash of paint on a garage door is better than anything Basquiat ever sloshed onto a canvas. Behold, with your mortal eyes, some of the most awesome paintings people have put on their garage doors.

If you came to this list of trippy garage door paintings expecting to not be blown away, then you need to take your brain in for a tune up, because the cool garages on this list take your concept of the idyllic suburban parking space and flip their wigs with neat-o modern designs. Whether you’re into 3D fabrications of animals or gonzo street art, the designs on the garage doors on this list are really quite something to behold.