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Remember How Repulsive The ‘Garbage Pail Kids’ Movie Was?

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When a movie is described as a "fever dream," it's usually because it's so strange that it's unimaginable how millions of dollars were spent to put it on screen. The Garbage Pail Kids Movie isn't just weird, and it's not just a movie that lacks a cohesive plot and features characters that act like crazy people. It has all of those things, but it's also smothered in a heaping layer off gross-out sensibilities. 

Based on a series of Topps trading cards, The Garbage Pail Kids Movie follows the shenanigans of characters like Valerie Vomit and Nat Nerd as they spray bodily fluids, threaten to eat people, and - for some reason - help with a fashion show. This movie isn't just the kind of thing that couldn't be made today. It's a movie that no production company would touch without a hazmat suit. If this look back at the gross world of The Garbage Pail Kids Movie makes you want to watch the film, then the only thing we can say is, "Sorry."

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    Nat Nerd Is A Pus Ball Who Urinates Everywhere

    There are some characters in this film that are harder to look at than the others - Nat Nerd is one of those characters. Not only does he have a scrunched up face, but he's also covered in oozing whiteheads. 

    As if the greasy pus that's slowly seeping from his face isn't bad enough, there's his grating voice and propensity to urinate straight down his leg in every situation. Thankfully, he carries around a tiny mop that he uses to clean the floor. It's charming, really. 

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    Captain Manzini Strips And Bathes His Child Employee

    One of the best things about having a job is that you don't have to bathe in front of your employer. Outside of the whole money thing, it's right up there. That employment perk apparently went out the window when Dodger started working at Captain Manzini's Junk Shop. 

    After Dodger gets sprayed with sewer waste, he accidentally frees the Garbage Pail Kids, which of course makes him even messier. Captain Manzini decides that Dodger needs to take a bath. Not go home, but take a bath.

    Manzini makes Dodger strip and clean himself in an antique tub in the middle of the shop while these creepy little creatures watch everything happen. 

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    Fully Grown Adults Bully Dodger Throughout The Movie

    Dodger is 14 years old. It's not out of the question that he has to deal with bullies, but the people who are constantly chasing him down and making his life miserable are full-grown adults. 

    The adults, lead by a creep named Juice, start the movie out by chasing Dodger through a park and throwing him in a puddle of mud after taking the meager amount of cash he has in his back pocket. 

    Don’t these adults have real crimes to commit or people their own age to pick on? These creeps follow Dodger throughout the film - they even go to the junk shop where he works to beat him up for being nice to Tangerine. What did Dodger do to make these adults so angry? Maybe he's the real villain of the film. 

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    The Character's Animatronics Are Obviously Malfunctioning

    Rather than build suits that smaller actors could wear, the producers of The Garbage Pail Kids Movie decided to build animatronics for the creepy little kids. In a movie with a bigger budget, this wouldn't be a big deal. It worked in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but that's because that film didn't cheap out on the production.

    The Garbage Pail Kids can really only do a couple of things as far as motion is concerned. They move back and forth, their mouths hang slack, and they sort of look like they're talking. The movie isn't meant to be a horror film, but the animatronics are definitely horrifying.