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23 Garbage Men Describe The Wildest Stuff They Found

Updated September 23, 2021 624k views23 items

What do garbage men find in the trash? It's an intriguing question. Garbage men have an interesting job. They deal with the remnants of people's lives, after all, and see everything that people throw away. Have you ever wondered what the garbage man finds weird about your trash? Maybe they're secretly judging how many pints of ice cream you consume, or noticing how you sort your recyclables (or not).

Of course, those are pretty typical trash situations. But garbage men also find all sorts of interesting things tossed away, from hard substances and drug paraphernalia to [cadavers] and everything in between. If you're interested in the details, you can either approach your local garbage man for an interview, or do it the easy way and check the internet. Reddit contains countless stories about what garbage men found and decided to share with readers. Keep scrolling to check out their wildest stories, and be especially cautious the next time you pass a dumpster.

  • A Dead Body

    Shared by tiorted726:

    I wasn't a driver but a mechanic on garbage trucks for a large municipality. In my 4 years in that department we had to dump fully loaded trucks on the ground 2 times and spread out the load looking for a body; found one once. I decided not to look at it, I think I made the right choice.

  • Part of a Meth Lab

    According to Moosepondvacation:

    Former Sanitation Department Supervisor - My guys called me frantic one day after an explosion in the hopper of the truck. Thankfully no one was injured, but I called the fire department and police always come on fire calls too. Turns out they had been watching the house we were in front of because the guy was cooking meth. He threw away some of the ingredients and the pressure when it compacted caused it to burst. The best part was the fact that the guy sat out front watching the show in a bathrobe. He eventually got dressed and came back out. When he was taken into custody he had [hard substances] in his pants. Apparently he didn't own any pants without [substances] in the pockets.

  • Metal Veteran Grave Markers

    Redditor londongarbageman said:

    The only thing I brought to the police's attention were a bunch of brass WWI and WWII grave marker medallions I found in the recycle bins. Hopefully they went back to where they belonged.

  • Dead Animals and a Prosthetic Limb

    This one is from weedandguitars:

    I used to manage garbage men in Oakland. Routinely found dead animals, remnants of large weed harvests, and weapons. Once we found a rejected prosthetic limb.

    Also, pretty regularly, the FBI will have a trash company pick up the trash of someone under investigation so they can go through it.

    I spent some years in the trash/recycling industry. I remember a guy at a metal recycling center trying to cash in bronze grave headstones. He was hauled in.