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23 Garbage Men Describe Crazy Stuff They Found

Updated 25 Oct 2019 595.7k views23 items

What do garbage men find in the trash? It's an intriguing question. Garbage men have an interesting job. They deal with the remnants of people's lives, after all, and see everything that people throw away. Have you ever wondered what the garbage man finds weird about your trash? Maybe they're secretly judging how many pints of ice cream you consume, or noticing how you sort your recyclables (or not).

Of course, those are pretty typical trash situations. But garbage men also find all sorts of interesting things tossed away, from drugs and drug paraphernalia to dead bodies and everything in between. If you're interested in the details, you can either approach your local garbage man for an interview, or do it the easy way and check the internet. Reddit contains countless stories about what garbage men found and decided to share with readers. Keep scrolling to check out their wildest stories, and be especially cautious the next time you pass a dumpster.

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