People Share Their Biggest 'Well, That Sucks' Gardening Moment

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Vote up the gardening mishaps and moments that made you feel for the unfortunate gardeners involved.

Some people just aren't meant to garden and that's okay. Below is a list of garden fails that make us go, "Better luck next time."

  • 1. Classic Elvis

    Classic Elvis
    Photo: u/i_won_a_turkey / Reddit
    10 votes
  • 2. Someone Grab The Scissors

    Someone Grab The Scissors
    Photo: u/HowTo_Breathe / Reddit
    9 votes
  • 3. Maybe Next Year

    Maybe Next Year
    Photo: u/thesleepykitty / Reddit
    9 votes
  • 4. Not Cool...

    Not Cool...
    Photo: u/ColoradoCrazyChicken / Reddit
    18 votes
  • 5. We're Blown Away

    We're Blown Away
    Photo: u/blu_skydive / Reddit
    6 votes
  • 6. Nom Nom

    Nom Nom
    Photo: u/4540mya / Reddit
    14 votes