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21 Weird AF Facts About Garth Brooks, The Biggest Country Star Of The '90s

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How often do you find yourself thinking about Garth Brooks and Chris Gaines? If you’re like most red-blooded Americans, it’s anywhere from three to five times a day. If Garth Brooks had never tried to make a career out of becoming an Australian pop idol, then it’s likely that his career would just be a piece of 90s nostalgia that you hear about on trivia nights. 

There’s nothing in the Garth Brooks biography that points towards this wildly successful country singer casting his career aside in order to create a new persona for himself and confuse the living hell out of everyone. If you’re asking “Who was Chris Gaines and why are you talking about Garth Brooks?” Then you need to keep reading because you’re life is about to become 100% better than you ever thought it could be.

Even if you’re a real Brooks-head (or Brook-o-phile or Brooks-a-million), there’s plenty of Garth Brooks trivia on here that you don’t know. For instance, he enjoys eating food like a dog, he’s written at least two scripts that were almost turned into major motion pictures, and he’s jealous of tornadoes.

All of those things are true, and if he wasn’t already, Garth Brooks is now your favorite pop star of all time. Whether you grew up listening to Ropin’ the Wind in the backseat of your mom’s grey station wagon, or you avoided his Mo Betta clothed torso like the plague, these Garth Brooks facts are going to make you feel like you’ve got friends in Garth places. 

  • Chris Gaines Was The Robert Smith Of County Music

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    So technically Chris Gaines (the Australian pop star alter ego of Garth Brooks) wasn't actually playing country music, but how else could you describe the alter ego of the world's biggest country star? At the time of the Chris Gaines announcement, Brooks received a TON of bad press. Not only was this kind of a dumb idea, but country music so rarely allows its stars to create art outside of the Nashville box that it's miraculous that Brooks wasn't tarred and feathered for trying to spice up his life by playing a sex addicted pop idol from down under. 

    The weirdest part about the Chris Gaines debacle isn't the music, it's the fact that this character stems from a script that Brooks was working on called "...The Lamb" that was supposedly about a stalker who's following Gaines on tour. The Chris Gaines album that miraculously saw release was actually a "pre-soundtrack" for the film that never was. What a crying shame. 

  • Garth Is The Michael Jordan Of Country Music

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    Not because he still has his hoop earring in, but because at the height of his success Garth Brooks took a break to play professional baseball for both the San Diego Padres and the New York Mets. In 1999 he was drafted to San Diego's amateur team where he went 1-for-22, an average of .045, and played left field.

    Following his season playing for San Diego's AAA team he moved onto the Giants, then he finally bowed out of the game after playing with the Kansas City Royals minor league team where he hit an infield single off the Mariners' Mike Myers. Brooks later said of the hit, "I was even more surprised than the pitcher." 

  • Hubris Interrupted His Acting Career

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    Brooks began his acting career in earnest when he appeared as an abusive husband in the video for "The Thunder Rolls," in 1990. Although he would go on to play the straight man to Will Ferrell in a memorable SNL sketch, Brooks' filmography is nothing to brag about. It could have been much more illustrious, however, if he'd kept his ego in check. A lawsuit filed by his business partner, Lisa Sanderson, in 2013 claims that Brooks tanked what could have been multiple lucrative deals by acting like a crazy person.

    First, he refused to star in Twister because the tornado was the real star, and then he turned down a role in Saving Private Ryan because he didn't want to appear alongside Tom Hanks, an actor he admired, because he believed no one would want to watch the movie

  • All Your Sales Are Belong To Garth

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    Who do you think is the highest selling musical artist in America? Names like Elvis, Metallica, and Madonna come to mind, but none of them hold a candle to the record sales achieved by ya boi Garth Brooks.

    In 2015, with his album "Man Against Machine" Brooks surpassed the King's RIAA record of 134.5 million units sold with 135 million units to become the best-selling solo artist in the US. It turns out that Brooks and Elvis have been playing a game of musical tug of war with this RIAA record for years, at least since 2007 when Brooks nabbed the top spot from Presley when they had both sold the measly sum of 123 and 118.5 million units.