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21 Weird AF Facts About Garth Brooks, The Biggest Country Star Of The '90s

Updated 30 Apr 2018 7.7k views21 items

How often do you find yourself thinking about Garth Brooks and Chris Gaines? If you’re like most red-blooded Americans, it’s anywhere from three to five times a day. If Garth Brooks had never tried to make a career out of becoming an Australian pop idol, then it’s likely that his career would just be a piece of 90s nostalgia that you hear about on trivia nights. 

There’s nothing in the Garth Brooks biography that points towards this wildly successful country singer casting his career aside in order to create a new persona for himself and confuse the living hell out of everyone. If you’re asking “Who was Chris Gaines and why are you talking about Garth Brooks?” Then you need to keep reading because you’re life is about to become 100% better than you ever thought it could be.

Even if you’re a real Brooks-head (or Brook-o-phile or Brooks-a-million), there’s plenty of Garth Brooks trivia on here that you don’t know. For instance, he enjoys eating food like a dog, he’s written at least two scripts that were almost turned into major motion pictures, and he’s jealous of tornadoes.

All of those things are true, and if he wasn’t already, Garth Brooks is now your favorite pop star of all time. Whether you grew up listening to Ropin’ the Wind in the backseat of your mom’s grey station wagon, or you avoided his Mo Betta clothed torso like the plague, these Garth Brooks facts are going to make you feel like you’ve got friends in Garth places. 

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