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10 Ways Gary from Veep Is Actually Buster Bluth

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Tony Hale is hugely talented and has the Emmys and the public’s love to show for it. One can’t help but notice the Gary and Buster Bluth similarities - there's a lot in common between Hale's two most popular roles. Once you look at the Tony Hale Veep and Tony Hale Arrested Development characters side by side, it begins to feel as though Buster is the child-man who lives in Gary’s head, threatening to burst forth and demand juice just as the president of Yemen walks into the Oval Office. 
Things Buster Bluth and Gary from Veep have in common include the fact that they’re both “body men,” but only Gary is getting paid for it. They are both nearly conjoined with the powerful women in their lives, albeit with slightly different results. Gary takes his task of handling Selina’s every need, even the most humiliating, with dignity and pride; Buster only knows that without Lucille, he would be lost in a void of not being able to pack his own suitcase. 
Something interesting to consider is that both men could very well be the one in control of their lives and ultimately their destiny. Maybe their codependency is actually a way to manipulate those with power?  
If you’re wondering what Tony Hale thinks would happen if Buster and Gary met, he has said, “I think someone would place them in a ring to fight and they would look at the guy who rings the bell at the boxing match with faces of ‘Wait, you want us to fight?’ And then they would look at each other and just be like, ‘I can’t fight you.’ Gary would probably counsel Buster about his childhood wounds and Buster would be in a ball crying. Then Gary would probably start crying and then they’d be friends.” Aww.
  • Both Are Obsessed with the Women in Their Lives

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    Both Gary and Buster can’t exist for long without the abuse of Selina and Lucille. Selina treats Gary like a child/slave/foot stool/purse and Lucille treats Gary pretty much the same, only sometimes he’s her date. Both men are gluttons for punishment and don’t have boundaries or healthy relationships with women. When Buster says, “It’s like she gets off on being withholding,” it could have easily been a Gary line instead.
  • Both Are More Comfortable in the Shadows

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    For Buster, it’s a physical safety issue. He tends to get into some precarious situations if left on his own. Gary’s invisibility is more an emotional safety net, content to dwell in the shadows until Selina shines her glorious light on him with a request for her shoes with the red heels from his Leviathan.
  • Neither Is Great at Standing Up to Other People

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    Try as they might, neither Gary nor Buster is very good at standing up to people, especially Selina and Lucille. Gary is at least a grown up and ultimately knows his worth. When he’s had it up to here with Selina not appreciating him, fans cheer. When Buster smack-talks Lucille, he needs a puppet.
  • Both Are Jealous of Any Competition

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    Gary doesn’t like anyone getting close to Selina. He gives side eye to the doctor attending to Selina’s stock market-crashing pimple and declares war on Sue when Selina calls upon her for help. Buster declares war on Annyong when Lucille adopts him to make herself look like a better person and, of course, to get Buster’s goat. In the words of Highlander, “There can be only one!”