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People Are Sharing Their Best Gas Station & Convenience Store Life Hacks

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Want to make your trip to the convenience store even more convenient? The people of the internet are here sharing their best tips for both convenience stores and gas stations. Check them out!

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    From A 7-Eleven Sales Associate

    From Redditor /u/StayUpAllNight

    Coffee, soda, and Slurpee refills are all the same price no matter the size of your cup. As long as you aren't doing something retarded like trying to fill a gallon jug with coffee, it only costs 1.06$. Although we advertise 32 or more ounce refills as costing more, the cash registers don't actually have a function to charge more for a refill, and none of us are going to sit there and void/override the price just to charge you another 22 cents.

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    Good To Know

    From Redditor /u/JarvisVonDoom

    90% of store brand products are name brand products or taste better. Example: Our store-brand Oreos were actual Oreos. 

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    Wawa's Bowl Tip

    From Redditor /u/TransFattyAcid

    When you're under "Hoagie Bowl", they don't have an option to put cheesesteak meat on it. But you can order a classic cheesesteak hoagie and hit the "Special Order" button. If you ask, they'll make it into a hoagie bowl for you.

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    Gas Station Don’t

    From Redditor /u/Violet_Plum_Tea

    Never touch gas station food unless it's shelf stable and arrives to the gas station in a securely sealed package. So, go for the cookies, chips, candy, crackers, beef jerky, etc.

    Don't touch anything that is opened and "prepared" on site, especially anything that sits out in a warmer bin or pot. Especially not nacho cheese sauce.

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