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Gay Movies: List of All Gay Films

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This is a list of gay films and bisexual related movies. Many of these gay movies are independent releases and foreign films. The films range from gay-themed to films with a major character whose sexuality is a major plot point. This gay movie list can be sorted by cast, director, year, and more. This list can also be copied to create your own "Best of" etc list (there are many excellent gay films beyond just Brokeback Mountain). If you want to know more about specific LGBTQ films, just click on the titles for more information. Ranker has a lot of cool gay lists, including gay movies on Netflix.

  • '681


    Bernard Shakey, Jan Němec


    Directed bySteven Kovacs

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  • 10 Attitudes2

    10 Attitudes

    Alexandra Paul, David Faustino


    Directed byMichael O. Gallant

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  • 101 Rent Boys3
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  • 101 Reykjavík4

    101 Reykjavík

    Victoria Abril, Baltasar Kormákur


    Directed byBaltasar Kormákur

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  • 2 Minutes Later5

    2 Minutes Later

    Peter Stickles, Jennifer Layne Park


    Directed byRobert Gaston

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  • 2 Secondes6

    2 Secondes

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  • 20 centímetros7

    20 centímetros

    Rossy de Palma, Lola Dueñas


    Directed byRamon Salazar

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  • 200 American8

    200 American

    Matt Walton, Spencer Aste


    Directed byRichard LeMay

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  • 24 Nights9

    24 Nights

    Aida Turturro, John Rothman


    Directed byKieran Turner

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  • 29th and Gay10

    29th and Gay

    Michael Emerson, Kali Rocha


    Directed byCarrie Preston

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  • 2x411


    Chris O'Neill, Jimmy Smallhorne


    Directed byJimmy Smallhorne

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  • 50 Ways of Saying Fabulous12

    50 Ways of Saying Fabulous

    Michael Dorman, David Sullivan


    Directed byStewart Main

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  • 5413


    Salma Hayek, Heidi Klum


    Directed byMark Christopher

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  • 68 Pages14

    68 Pages

    Mouli Ganguly, Joy Sengupta


    Directed bySridhar Rangayan

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  • 7 mujeres, 1 homosexual y Carlos15

    7 mujeres, 1 homosexual y Carlos

    Ninel Conde, Adriana Fonseca


    Directed byRene Bueno

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  • 8 Women16

    8 Women

    Catherine Deneuve, Emmanuelle Béart


    Directed byFrançois Ozon

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  • 9 Dead Gay Guys17

    9 Dead Gay Guys

    Fish, Steven Berkoff


    Directed byKy Mo Lab

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  • A Boy Named Sue18
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  • A Chorus Line19

    A Chorus Line

    Michael Douglas, Audrey Landers


    Directed byRichard Attenborough

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  • A Different Story20

    A Different Story

    Meg Foster, Perry King


    Directed byPaul Aaron

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  • A Florida Enchantment21

    A Florida Enchantment

    Gladys Rankin, Edith Storey


    Directed bySidney Drew, Gladys Rankin

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  • A Four Letter Word22

    A Four Letter Word

    William Hernandez, Jesse Archer


    Directed byCasper Andreas

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  • A Friend Of Dorothy23

    A Friend Of Dorothy

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  • A Home at the End of the World24
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  • A Love To Hide25

    A Love To Hide

    Jérémie Renier, Charlotte de Turckheim


    Directed byChristian Faure

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