This Geeky Artist Write Comics That Spoof On All Your Favorite Nerd Content

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Want to see some hilarious nerdy webcomics that will lightly poke fun at all the dorky stuff you love? Look no further than JHallComics. These nerdy cartoons are drawn by Justin Hall, one of the best geeky artists on the Internet. 

Hall describes his work as "comics of varying subject matter and quality." About himself, he says, "I draw comics! I am a staff illustrator at and sometimes I'm a little gassy." That should give you some idea as to the type of humor that Justin Hall brings to the table.

His webcomics parody everything from Pokémon and Stranger Things to awkward, yet relatable situations that nerds find themselves in, and some are simply fun mashups of pop culture and nerd stuff. Whatever you're into, you're sure to find something that'll make you laugh in JHall's archives.