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Why Are Geese So Mean To People?

Updated 15 May 2020 22.6k views11 items

You may have seen geese migrating south or hanging in a pond, and you may have even fed some. But sometimes, geese are not so nice. Geese attacks are not a myth and the birds can quickly become very mean, seriously injuring people. Mean geese are not just nasty, they can also be sloppy and gross, extremely loud, and just plain rude. What's up with these goose jerks anyway?

Geese are easily the meanest of all the species of waterfowl. Whether they're disturbing people on a golf course, being sucked into airplane engines, or attacking innocent bystanders, geese have been labeled as having a bad attitude. But they have some good qualities too. Geese excel at using teamwork to perfect their V formation, take care of their sick, and mate for life. They may be kind and courteous to their own kind, but when it comes to humans, mean geese have no qualms attacking... or worse. 

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