Gemini Rising Celebrities

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Only celebrities who are Gemini ascendants.

There are plenty of big name celebrities with Gemini rising signs. Amy Adams, Lady Gaga, and Sandra Bullock are just a few of the Gemini rising celebrities. What is Gemini rising? Gemini rising, meaning your ascendant or rising sign is Gemini, means that you view both your outlook on the world and the first impression you give to others through the Gemini lens. This type of sign is often called the “public mask,” since it is the image you present to others. The "ascendant" is part of the big three in astrology that help to determine your personality. The trio includes the sun sign, the moon, and the rising or ascendant sign. 

Some Gemini rising traits and characteristics include having a knack for communication, being inquisitive, adaptable, and often fast-talking. Celebrities with Gemini rising are socially aware and capable of achieving many things through wit and charm. 

Louis Tomlinson and Dr. Dre are just two of the Gemini rising male celebrities. More specifically, Dr. Dre is also one of the Aquarius sun Gemini rising celebrities. Drew Barrymore is one of the Pisces sun Gemini rising celebrities. Read on below for more information about these celebrities with Gemini rising signs. 

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