38 Serial Killers Who Are Geminis

Geminis are known for always moving at warp speed, the same way that Richard Trenton Chase began doing drugs at only 10 years old, and committed his first murder while he was still young. Below you will find a list of Gemini serial killers, otherwise known as serial killers born in May and serial killers born in June. The Gemini sign encompasses everyone born between May 21 and June 20. 

Geminis are known to have two personalities, and they can change faster than the weather - which is why many people might think that most serial killers are Gemini. Gemini is not the zodiac sign with the most murders, but the list does feature such infamous killers as Jeffrey Dahmer, Samuel Little, and Peter Kürten. 

Those under the Gemini zodiac sign are smart and social, which unfortunately means some of these killers used their charm to hide their violent motives. Many of these killers also gave in to the Gemini temptation to gossip, leading to their own capture. 

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