Gen Z Is Savagely Roasting Millennials And We Feel Attacked

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Gen Z, also known as Zoomers are destroying Millennials on TikTok after a video calling out Millennials for using their Harry Potter house as a personality trait went viral and the roasting that followed was hilariously brutal. Did Millennials just get 'Ok Boomered?' Is the beginning of the next generational war? Wether you agree with Gen Z or feel personally attacked as a Millennial, we wont deny that these roasts are hilarious. This was made by a Millennial with a sense of humor that feels personally attacked by this relatable content.

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    It's Called A Scene Kid


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    All We Need Is Wine

    All We Need Is Wine
    Photo: letzyy / TikTok
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    Can't, We Are Busy Adulting 

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    Clara With The Truth Bombs

    Clara With The Truth Bombs
    Photo: Clara / TikTok
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    Oh, That's What That Means? 

    Oh, That's What That Means? 
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