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10 Gender Swapped Comic Book Characters

Updated 28 Jan 2020 18.1k views10 items

Marvel shook the internet when they announced that the next iteration of Thor will be a woman. Though this news is definitely shocking to fans (who is Marvel to mess with Norse mythology?), it's not at all the first time comic book publishers have turned classic characters' chromosomes upside down. In honor of the new Thor, here are 10 other times characters got gender swapped in comics.

From sex changes, to clones, to entirely new characters, this is just a small sample of the most popular heroes who have been genderbent at some point. Is gender swapping an effective tool for story telling and character development? Perhaps not, but it's always fun to see our favorite characters face new challenges when placed in another gender's shoes. Take a look at these 10 classic heroes and their gender transformations.

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