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Genderbent Disney Characters That Will Make You Do A Double-Take

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These genderbent Disney crossplays add a completely new dose of magic to everyone's favorite Disney characters. Taking Disney's most well-known princesses, heroes, and villains, and swapping their sex from female to male, or from male to female, these genderbending Disney cosplay photos reveal new angles and perspectives of beloved characters. From transformations of beloved Disney royalty like Queen Elsa from Frozen and Ariel from The Little Mermaid to monsters and wicked entities like Beast from Beauty and the Beast and Hades from Hercules, these crossplayers gave your favorite and most memorable Disney cartoon animations a whole new look through their fabulously gender-swapped character redesigns.

The unique and original designs shown by these genderbent cosplayers are amazing displays of fan-made Disney glamor and show off the imagination Disney itself is known for. It appears to be running off onto its consumer base.

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    Behold this innovative recreation of Beast by janvalek666!

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    Snow White

    Snow White
    Photo: u/illbeinthekitchen / Reddit

    Genderbent Snow White is none other than iJoegonzalezv! Fantastic shot by Mariana Ávila.

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  • Hakucosplay is this captivating male Elsa, with equally enchanting photography from YamatoTaichou.

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    SunwardLight lends some feminine charm to Hades, with amazing photography and editing by Sn0wgrimm.

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