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Genderswapped Fan Art Of Classic Cartoon Network Characters That Will Make You Look Twice

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With online platforms offering more opportunities for budding and veteran artists, it has become increasingly more common for fans to start coming up with genderbent versions of cartoon characters. What is genderbending? A genderbend entails swapping the sex of a character. For example, Rick and Morty are two guys. A genderbend would show them as two gals. 

Like awesome Marvel genderbent fan art, Cartoon Network genderbent fan art is riveting and fun to look at. After all, Cartoon Network has quite the roster of beloved characters. In honor of all the ingenious reverse gender fan art that has popped up online, here are some of the coolest and best pieces of genderswapped fan art from some of the classic Cartoon Network shows. Vote up the most amazing art pieces featuring genderbent Cartoon Network characters. 

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    Will Ben 10 Ever Face His Female Counterpart?

    Check out this awesome genderswapped Ben 10 fan art created by TheMightFenek!

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    The Regular Show Characters Get A Genderbent Makeover

    Check out this awesome genderswapped Regular Show fan art created by La-maldita!

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    Dexter's Laboratory Gets A New Feminine Touch

    It's time to meet Dextra in this amazing genderswapped fan art by AKB-DrawsStuff!

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    Johnny Bravo Needs To Meet His Female Alter Ego

    Take a look at this incredible genderswapped Johnny Bravo fan art created by Alicia Herber!

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