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All About Genene Jones, The Killer Nurse Who Inspired Stephen King's Misery

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Genene Jones is among those on a long list of serial killer nurses. In total, she's believed to have killed at least 60 children from 1977 to 1982 while working at Bexar Hospital. Despite this, she only has one murder conviction and one attempted murder conviction. If Texas prosecutors have anything to say about it, though, the Bexar Hospital serial killer will soon pay for more of her crimes. 

Jones was often referred to by the media as the "Angel of Death." This was likely inspired by stories of her pushing young children to the brink of death with her cruelty before attempting to save them. It's unclear if she intended for any of the kids to die, but that doesn't change the fact that she ruthlessly injected young patients with medication their bodies couldn't withstand. Most of her victims were under the age of two. One hospital had the power to stop this serial killer nurse in her tracks, but they let her get away to kill again. Jones ultimately went to jail and even inspired one of Stephen King's most famous characters along the way, but she may soon go free.  

  • She Killed Kids By Injecting Them With Drugs To Stop Their Breathing

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    Genene Jones cruelly injected young children in her care with medicine designed to take away the patient's ability to breathe on their own. Because these kids weren't hooked up to the proper equipment, they almost immediately crashed. Cardiac arrest resulted from oxygen deprivation and, in some cases, Jones quickly saved the day by resuscitating her victim. Other times, though, the children passed away as a result of her willfully negligent actions. 

  • She Was Caught Poisioning Kids At A Pediatrician's Office

    Genene Jones's reign of terror finally ended after her second medical industry employer, Dr. Kathleen Holland, caught on to the killer's nefarious misdeeds. According to Dr. Holland's testimony, all the children aged two and under who visited her office and received an injection from Jones stopped breathing and ended up suffering from seizures. Aside from this damning evidence, Jones herself reported "finding" a missing vial of medicine that the doctor hadn't signed for.

    Although she tried to pass the vial off as untampered with, it had puncture marks on the cap. This series of events led to Dr. Holland turning Jones in to authorities. 

  • Bexar Hospital Could Have Stopped Her Right Away But Didn't Out Of Lawsuit Fears

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    Bexar Hospital had everything necessary to put Genene Jones out of the serial killing business early on, including the word of a medical auditor. Instead, they opted to do absolutely nothing, including not alerting the proper authorities about the multiple odd deaths that had occurred. This inaction was likely linked to fears of a wrongful termination lawsuit, along with potential legal issues from the parents of the deceased children.

    In other words, Jones was essentially allowed to keep killing people. The hospital also asked every nurse working Jones's shift to quit. Bexar Hospital eventually underwent a name change, perhaps to distance the medical facility from the case.  

  • A Medical Auditor Figured Out Jones's Crimes, But Was Threatened With Termination

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    A medical auditor, Joyce Riley, discovered exactly what Genene Jones was up to. In an interview, she claimed that "one child was bleeding in 500 parts of his body." This included the baby's eyes. Riley quickly determined that almost all baby deaths happened while Genene Jones was on duty, and she even zeroed in on Jones as the most likely culprit.

    After building a strong case, Riley took her concerns to management. The response she received was frustrating; they told her, "I'm sorry, Joyce. If you say that again, you'll be fired, sued for slander, and you'll never work again."