Genetic Disorders Plague Our Favorite Purebred Pups - And It's Our Fault

Dogs were the first animals to be domesticated by human beings and over the last few thousand years, they have evolved from creatures similar to modern wild wolves to a wide range of different breeds that exist today. While all of these purebreds are adorable - French Bulldogs with their mushed faces, Dalmatians with their signature coats - their overall health is on the decline.

The main issue is that breeders generally select certain dams and sires for breeding in order to produce certain traits in litters, and they have a small gene pool to work with. As they want to have puppies that look and behave in certain ways, they often resort to inbreeding the animals, which can lead to serious health issues down the line. This selective breeding leads to purebred dog genetic disorders that leads them susceptible to all kinds of issues.

If you are thinking of getting a purebred doggo, you might want to think twice. Pet health issues are emotionally and financially draining, and these purebreds suffer the most.