Things You Didn't Know About Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan remains one of the most feared and respected conquerors of all time. His biography is shrouded in mystery and contradiction, but the facts about Genghis Khan are that he rose up from almost certain death on the Mongolian Steppe, united his people, and began a series of gruesome conquests that claimed millions of lives and changed the entire course of human destiny.

For a figure so polarizing (many see him as an engine of positive change, while others see him as a bloodthirsty monster), much of what we know about him is from outdated history books or Hollywood portrayals. The real Genghis (which wasn't actually his name) was a contradiction - a religious man who prized loyalty yet slaughtered millions, including his own family members. Many details are known about how his army operated, but almost nothing is known about his death or burial. And his brilliance is as underestimated as his lust for bloodshed is.

Here are all kinds of Genghis Khan trivia and other interesting things you probably didn't know about this emperor, mass murder, and changer of the world.