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16 Instances Of Everyday Japanese Tech That Make You Wish You Lived In Japan

During the late 20th century, Japan became a world leader in innovation and technology, pioneering efforts in nuclear energy, electronics, and robotics. Since then, Japanese tech has been coveted by consumers all across the world with popular brands like Sony, Nintendo, Mitsubishi, and Toyota all calling Japan their home. Japanese inventions like DVDs, CDs, portable cassette players, and digital cameras revolutionized the way people enjoy and create entertainment.

While Japan might no longer be the leader in technology, it still remains a powerhouse in the tech world and continues to create fun, innovative, and sometimes bizarre products that dazzle foreigners. Whether you’re looking for a more efficient way to eat your ramen or another frivolous cat toy to appease your feline overlords, cool Japanese products are always on trend.

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    Bullet Train

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    The first high-speed train, or bullet train, was built in Japan and was first put into operation in 1964. These trains are faster, more efficient, and help reduce environmental damage, not to mention they provide a huge benefit to the economy. They can travel anywhere from 120 mph to 260 mph.

    The fastest bullet train in the world is the Shanghai Maglev Train in China, which can travel up to 267 mph.

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    Parking Garage Elevators

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    While automated parking systems can be found across the world, the number of automated parking garages are steadily growing in Japan, comprising nearly 1.6 million of the country’s parking spaces. Not only do these garages save space, but the parked cars are less likely to be damaged or stolen within this structure.

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    Underground Bike Parking

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    Nearly 14% of Tokyo’s population gets around on bikes, so Japan installed 50 of these automated bike vaults across the country. Like the automated parking systems, these vaults help save space and keep bikes safe from theft and weather damage.

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    Insane Arcades

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    Japan takes arcades to a whole new level. In Akihabara, gamers have their pick of a number of mega arcades, some even boasting as many as seven floors of the newest and most innovative games available.  

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