Ingenious Gift Card Hacks You'll Wonder How You Ever Lived Without

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If you're the type of person who likes to get the most bang for their buck, then you already know that taking advantage of genius gift card hacks will haul in some serious savings. By using gift cards combined with simple shopping tricks, you'll find yourself stacking more cash then you spend. 

Surfing the market for extraordinary discounts on pre-existing gift cards, and cashing in those unwanted gift cards at retailers such as Target and Amazon, are just a couple stealthy savings tips that can really make a difference for your wallet. Once you really know how to get the most from your gift card, you'll be hooked on the huge cuts you'll see on your spending statements.

If you haven't already uncovered all the ways you can stretch your funds by maximizing your gift cards, it's high time to start utilizing these amazing gift card tips. You'll instantly discover that the brilliant gift card hacks you've never tried are pretty ingenious.

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    Purchase A Gift Card That Can Be Exchanged For Cash

    Online sites like GiftRocket let you use gift card funds to make actual deposits in your bank account. If you want to purchase a gift card for someone but don't know which stores he or she likes, services like these let the receiver choose what they want.

    The receiver will be happy, and he or she won't have to jump through hoops if they want to exchange the card for cash instead.

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    Exchange Unwanted Gift Cards For Store Credit At Target

    Want to cash in your gift card for something a little more useful? Target will totally trade with you. Just turn over your retail or restaurant gift card to the store and receive a Target card with cash value.

    You'll be able to use the new card immediately on an array of in-store items. You won't get the entire amount back, but it's much better than being stuck with a gift card you'll never use.

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    Watch Out For Sneaky Gift Card Thieves

    Don't buy a gift card if it looks sketchy. Gift card fraud happens when someone scratches off the protective seal that covers the gift card number, copying the number for future use.. The thief then re-covers the number with an identical adhesive film and waits for the card to be purchased and activated. Be sure to look for warning signs like bubbles or uneven alignment on the scratch-off film.

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    Buy Gift Cards For Less Than Face Value

    You can always score a sweet discount by picking up gift cards online for less than face value. To get rid of gift cards, many people resell them online for less than what they're worth. If you keep an eye out for gift card deals, you'll save a ton.

    The higher the gift card amount, the more you're likely to save.

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    Never Eat Out At Full Price Ever Again

    Gift cards exist for nearly every chain restaurant imaginable. Instead of paying full price for your meal, use a gift card to complete your purchase! You don't need a physical card to do this, using an e-gift card works just as well.

    While waiting on the bill, buy a discounted gift card directly from your phone. It will immediately be ready for use. When it's time to pay, just jot down the gift card information on the receipt. You save instantly.

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    Sign Up For Apps That Give Gift Cards To Shoppers

    Websites like Ibotta offer insane incentives for certain purchases. All you have to do is use their app when shopping. When it's time to cash out, all of your cash back can go on a gift card. These cards can be used at the retailer of your choice.