11 Genocides That Have Been Turned Into Holidays

Who doesn’t love to party down on a federally mandated holiday? Usually the people who know what actually happened on said holiday.

The dark history of Thanksgiving is helped spur people to think about what they’re actually celebrating, and once you look into the back stories of many different celebrations, you realize that there are a lot of holidays based on genocide. America celebrates most of them, but there are plenty of holidays that shouldn't exist that are still celebrated all across the world. 

You would be hard-pressed to find someone who was purposefully celebrating Thanksgiving as an excuse to stick it to America’s indigenous people one more time, but it’s still important to remember the terrible fate Native Americans suffered as colonists began to claim land that they didn’t rightfully own.

Most people do their best to not think about the terrible catalysts behind their traditions, and that’s understandable. Who needs one more horrible thing to think about during the day? But if you’d like to dive deep into the world of misery that created some of your favorite holidays, this collection of horrific events that helped create some of the world’s most popular holidays is right here waiting for you.

If you know about another holiday with less-than-positive beginnings, leave a comment about it and prove that you’re the next Howard Zinn.