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16 Parodies That Are Just As Good As - Or Better Than - The Real Thing

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Vote up the genre parodies that work almost TOO well.

Let's get one thing straight: Comedy is harder than drama. And to make a parody that's better than the original? Well, that's harder than making a comedy or a drama. To deftly combine the best aspects of two distinct genres into one incredible film - to expertly parody and subvert a genre while simultaneously adding a noteworthy film to the genre's canon? Hard to do, but for the movies on this list, clearly not impossible.

Part of what makes this cinematic feat doable is inherent to the nature of parody itself. Ask comedians or comedy writers what they like to spoof, and you'll generally find they choose subjects they genuinely love. So, a comedian making a horror movie knows enough about the genre to subvert the audience's expectations; by that same token, they know enough about the genre to simply make a good film within its formula.

Here's a list of films that have done it best. Vote up the movies you think best parody a genre while being just as good as the real thing.