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There's A Fascinating Genetic Reason Why You Love Certain Foods (And Can't Tolerate Others)

Updated 15 May 2020 344.5k views10 items

Here's some good news for picky eaters: genetic dispositions cause you to enjoy the taste of certain foods but not others. If some cultural food choices seem baffling to you, that's normal. Why do people eat what they eat? Why does something you eat taste completely different to someone else of a different race or ethnicity? Of course, taste can also be influenced by things that happen during your upbringing or by disease risk factors coded into DNA. Mainly, though, it's a mixture of many of these.

When looking at how genetics influences what one eats, you have to keep in mind both your geography, your ancestors, and your culture. What seems gross to one person may be a delicacy to another. While no specific flavor pallet is inherently right or wrong, there's no denying that some of the dietary differences are downright shocking.

At least now you have a scientific reason to explain why you hate cilantro.

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