The Most George Lucas-Ass Names In Baseball

In December 2016, Vice Sports contributing editor David Roth somehow managed to combine some of the best Star Wars-related writing and baseball-related writing of the year into one glorious piece: "What Are the Most Egregiously George Lucas-A** Names in Baseball?" The question, as Roth put it, was "robustly engaged," because it turns out there are a ton of baseball players with George Lucas-ass names. A "George Lucas-ass name," according to Roth, is a name that is "overstated and goofy in the same ways that the names George Lucas has given to characters in his Star Wars universe are overstated and goofy." More specifically, it "must sound like the name of a character in a mid-century adventure novel, and it must also have some broad space-age vibes and a general air of arch artificiality."

Baseball players who would fit right in the Star Wars universe include Didi Gregorius (member of the Galactic Senate, for sure), Jett Bandy (a quippy, Han Solo-esque smuggler?), and Sicnarf Loopstok (a Cantina regular, of course). In honor of Roth's amazing observation, we've compiled a few dozen baseball players and managers with Star Wars names. Vote up the ones you think are the most "George Lucas-a**."

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