Unspeakable Crimes The Story Of The Woman Who Made Millions By Kidnapping And Reselling Children On The Black Market  

Mick Jacobs

Despite the heinousness and sheer scale of her crimes, Georgia Tann remains a relatively obscure criminal from history. But as the video below reveals, she deserves to be remembered in infamy for her countless crimes against society's true innocents: babies.

Don't let her innocent librarian aura fool you, Tann would only read a child a fairytale if she thought it would lure them into her clutches. During the first half of the 20th century, Tann kidnapped thousands of children and sold them on the black market. 

Starting in 1924, Tann began a kidnapping spree that would span more than two decades. Tann gained fortune through an unlikely source, the Great Depression, which left many families destitute and easy prey for depraved opportunists like Tann.

She kept this scheme going up through the end of WWII, aided by all sorts of mind-boggling strokes of fate. Watch the video below to learn about the horrific crimes of Georgia Tann.