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The Best 'Get Hard' Movie Quotes

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Get Hard movie quotes bring the laughs that come when one businessman hires his only Black friend to prepare him for a prison sentence. The comedy film was directed by Etan Cohen using a screenplay by Jay Martel and Ian Roberts. Get Hard opened in theaters on March 27, 2015.

In Get Hard, wealthy businessman James King (Will Ferrell) seems to have it all in life. He has a huge house and beautiful wife (Alison Brie), but that all changes when the FBI arrives to arrest him on charges of fraud and embezzlement. While James proclaims his innocence, a judge sentences him to 10 years at a maximum security facility.

James knows prison will be a culture shock so he hires the only Black guy he knows, Darnell (Kevin Hart), to prepare him. While Darnell has never really been to prison, he takes the job and the two embark on prison school. But can a rich businessman get hard from this never-incarcerated family man and learn enough to get him through this sentence? The jury is still out on that one.

Get Hard opens alongside a bunch of other fantastic movies such as Insurgent, Cinderella (2015), The Gunman, Run All Night, Unfinished Business.

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    Short for Mayonnaise

    Joaquin: We gotta roll, Mayo.
    Darnell: Who's Mayo?
    James: It's my gang name. It's short for Mayonnaise.

    James introduces his gang name to Darnell and even explains its origin. Considering the name comes from the word Mayonnaise, Darnell is not impressed.
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    Let Me See Your Mad Dog Face

    Darnell: This is my prison-readiness program. You master these skills, you will survive in prison.
    Darnell: Let me see what your mad dog face look like.
    James: What is a mad dog face?
    Darnell: You're a mad dog! Like a pit bull with no leash! Hah! ... What are you doing, James?
    James: Sad-dogging you, you think that's a strategy that could work? Please don't sexually assault me, I'm already too sad.

    Darnell urges James to practice his mad dog face to strengthen his prison defensive skills. Instead, James shows a sad dog face and pleads for mercy.
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    I Would Have Done the Same Thing if You Were White

    Darnell: This is Mr. King's car. The man owns the building. At least we can get his car right.
    James: Oh! I have almost no cash... just $9,000.
    Darnell: Man, I've got your keys.
    James: Just so you know, I would have done the same thing if you were white.
    Darnell: That's good to know.

    While it's unclear how James truly feels about various races, it's pretty clear that Darnell is a hard worker who wants to impress his boss. Little does Darnell know just how much James will soon learn from him.
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    10 Years in a Maximum Security Prison

    FBI Agent: James King?
    James: Yes
    FBI Agent: You're under arrest for fraud and embezzlement.
    James: I have faith that the justice system will exonerate me.
    Judge: I've sentenced you to 10 years in a maximum security prison.
    James: Did he say 10 years?

    After the FBI arrive at his door, James learns that he's being arrested for a handful of charges, ones that he swears are untrue. At first, James thinks all will work out, that he will be exonerated, but when the judge sentences him to 10 years in prison, the freak out commences.
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