17 Small But Poignant Details That Fans Noticed In 'Get Out'

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Oscar-winner Jordan Peele made sure that Get Out was packed with enough foreshadowing and small details to satisfy any rabid cinephile. These Get Out movie details range from symbolism to tiny references that most fans would never catch. Check out some of the best examples of these Get Out details that Redditors found below.


  • 1. Hidden Agenda

    Hidden Agenda
    Photo: u/LiteralAMHC / Reddit
  • 2. You've Been Warned

    You've Been Warned
    Photo: u/MisterKayAy / Reddit
  • 3. Legendary Inspiration

    Legendary Inspiration
    Photo: u/jayatil2 / Reddit
  • 4. Splitting Headache

    Splitting Headache
    Photo: u/Midgarev / Reddit