Getaway Movie Quotes

"Getaway" movie quotes follow the high-speed action in the thriller about a man tasked with performing a heist for a mysterious telephone voice in exchange for the safe return of his wife. Gregg Maxwell Parker and Sean Finegan penned the screenplay for the film which was directed by Courtney Solomon. "Getaway" opened in theaters on August 30, 2013, in the United States.

In "Getaway," Brent Magna (Ethan Hawke) receives a strange message over the video console in his customized Mustang Shelby and learns that his wife, Leanne (Rebecca Budig), has been kidnapped. He also receives a phone call from a mysterious voice (Jon Voight) who explains to Brent that he was chosen for this because of his expertise in fast driving. The Voice goes on to note that in order for Leanne to live and be returned safely, Brent must steal something from a bank, drive it out of town, evade the police which will be chasing him and complete it all in a short amount of time.

With few other options, Brent agrees to the deal and sets out to complete the tasks necessary to rescue Leanne. His progress is soon slowed when a young girl, known as The Kid (Selena Gomez), joins in on the mission after her failed attempt to carjack him. The pair work together to complete the tasks but it isn't easy, especially since they have no idea who they are working for and if the Voice will even hold up his end of the bargain in the end.

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    I'm Going to Make You An Offer

    I'm Going to Make You An Offer
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    The Voice: "I'm going to make you an offer. Do exactly as I say and your wife lives. Refuse or get caught, the game is over. She dies. It seems like an obvious choice to me but I give you a moment to think about it. You answer, Mr. Magna?"
    Brent Magna: "I want my wife back."
    The Voice: "Rule #1: There is a package at the bank. Steal it and get it out of the city. Rule #2: The police will be after you. Don't get caught. If they catch you ever, the game's over. Is that clear? Rule #3: You have two hours. The clock is ticking."

    The Voice details the deal he is offering Brent. He must steal something from a bank and deliver it outside of town. To complicate matters, he cannot get caught by the police and has only a short time to complete this task or his wife dies.
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    What Happens When This Is Done?

    The Kid: "What happens when this is done? Why would he even give her back to you?"

    Again trying to talk some sense into Brent, who is faithfully following all of the commands from the Voice, The Kid questions why the Voice would even keep up his end of the deal in the end. This causes Brent to reconsider his role in the deal.
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    I Need to Be Told

    I Need to Be Told
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    Brent Magma: "I need to be told that she is all right and when this is going to be over!"

    Brent gets tough with the Voice and demands some answers. Simply, he wants to know that his wife will be safe and for how long he'll have to keep following these dangerous commands.
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    What Is He After?

    What Is He After?
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    The Kid: "What is he after?"
    Brent Magna: "I don't know."

    The Kid begins to question what Brent is doing, listening to the Voice and following the commands. While Brent doesn't know everything, he knows enough to listen to the Voice with the promise that if he does, he'll get his wife back.