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20 Tenants With A Vengeance Describe How They Got Back At Their Landlords

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Tenants having bad blood with their landlords is unfortunately a very common situation. From pocketed security deposits and untimely repairs to no-notice intrusions and rent hikes, there's plenty a landlord can do to anger a tenant. But these renters decided to take matters into their own hands when it came to meting out justice, exacting their revenge be it petty and harmless or truly evil.

So read on, and vote up the landlord revenge stories that you think are the most devious... but try not to get any ideas.

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    Tattletalers For Justice 

    Posted by u/Teddy_thatsmyname

    Mid-April, I was doing laundry in the basement and lifted the lid to add something else after it had started. The water was murky brown and smelled gross. I called the landlord and told her the problem, and she said it was because it's muddy outside and the recent rain had caused it. Yeah. Okay. Next day, basement floor is flooded and pieces of what look like toilet paper covered the floor... I call my landlord and tell her we must have a sewage leak citing the toilet paper on the ground. She says no, it's not toilet paper, it's dryer lint. Yeah. Okay. At this point, I'm really mad, so I go back down to take pictures to send her, when I hear a toilet flush above me, all of a sudden brown water erupts from a pipe near the washing machine... sure enough, it's sh*t water. Landlord says she will send a plumber, but a week later, nothing.

    Turns out, we had a blockage that had caused all kinds of problems not only at our house, but THE ENTIRE STREET. The city came in and was repairing everything. At this point, I was seething because the landlord would get a free fix as they didn't know that it had originated at our house. When the city came to fix the damage, I let them into the basement and said, "I'm surprised that no one came out sooner! I told my landlord about this three weeks ago!" The city worker got really mad and spent the next three hours pinpointing the exact issue, which was deemed a result of negligent maintenance. Landlord got stuck with a giant bill from the city; I got the hell out of there.

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    Now He Can Only Rent To Goths

    Posted by u/RandomRavenclaw87:

    My friend had a long-term lease on a home (five years) which stipulated that he has to repaint every room the day he moved out. So he found popular neutral paint colors, hired a handyman, and had the place freshly painted the day before his moving truck showed up.

    Well, his landlord showed up waving their contract, yelling. The wording said the DAY he moved out, not the day BEFORE. The landlord was convinced that the movers would scuff up the walls. He wanted the house left pristine. He really was ready to take the case to court.

    My friend was crushed. Between painting, moving, and the deposit on his new place, he had no money to repaint or to go to court. I was furious with this landlord. I went to the house and saw the paint job was fine, not scuffed. So I met up with him at night, and, per his contract, we repainted every wall. SOLID BLACK. We even did some ceilings.

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    They Come Crawling Back

    Posted by u/kickbackheaven:

    A couple decades ago,  I was renting a house in the Seattle area, and my landlord was a terrible property management company. I had a lot of arguments with them, but when I moved out, I cleaned the whole house, and nothing had been damaged. Regardless, they decided to keep my $850 deposit, plus they had the gall to say I owed them an additional $10 for "cleaning costs." Right at the time I was a target of a violent crime, and I had to move for reasons related to that. I didn't have the time or energy to argue with them about the $860 dollars, and I'd been hospitalized. Feeling beleaguered, I took the first apartment I could afford, and it had cockroaches. I hadn't noticed them when I was looking at the place, but after I moved in, I saw them. I felt devastated, so many bad things piling up on me. That's when I got an idea.

    I started to catch the cockroaches in a jar and save them. After about a week, I had a good number of live cockroaches in my jar, so I drove down to the property management office to pay the $10. In the lobby, the secretary asked what I needed and I replied that "I thought I owed them some money, but wasn't sure how much." The secretary got up and left the lobby to find my file, leaving me totally alone. At that point, I opened my backpack, took out the jar of roaches, opened it, and let them scurry away. Within seconds, they has disappeared under floorboards and furniture. A moment later, the secretary came out and said, "Oh, yes. You owe us $10."

    I paid them and left with a big smile on my face. Petty revenge? Yes. Do I feel guilty? NO.

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    All The Rules Are Out The Window

    Posted by u/gramses_0-0:

    I had a bad landlord once. He refused to fix windows that were broken before I moved in, and the place was basically just a sh*thole owned by a slumlord. Luckily, I was able to take him to small claims court for a number of reasons, and I ended up getting my next six months paid for at my next apartment.

    There was a small trapdoor in the closet floor to access shut-off valves for the plumbing, so before I moved out, I got scrap meat from a local butcher (stuff they can’t sell) and placed it in the trapdoor. A few months later, the place gets condemned due to vermin infestation and gets torn down.

    This was also before cell phones, so a couple times I got my female friend to call his house when I knew he wasn’t home. His wife would answer, my friend would ask for him, act nervous, and hang up.

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