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This Punk Rock Singer's Friends Didn't Realize He Died

GG Allin's life story and performance antics are not for the faint of heart - this was a man who pushed past the very limits of human depravity and used every opportunity he had to bring his audiences, fans, and casual passersby to the edge right with him. The time Allin's entourage posed with his corpse is one of many outlandish GG Allin tales, and it's not even the most disturbing one. People loved and hated him, and it was within this polarized space that Allin thrived. Nearly everything he did - on stage and off - elicited a visceral response from those who happened to be around him. This included everything from punching fans to throwing his own fecal matter around packed auditoriums to revealing his intent to end his life on stage on Halloween. 

Even in death, he managed to continue his deviant legacy. On the evening of June 27, 1993, after performing a show and being chased down the street by a mob of fans and police alike, Allin and a group of friends and girlfriends made their way to an apartment where they continued to snort and drink everything in sight.

  • GG Allin's Entourage Laughed As They Took Photos During His OD

    After playing what would turn out to be his last live performance, GG Allin and his entourage of friends and acquaintances made their way through the streets of Manhattan, trying to make it back to a friend's apartment to finish out the night that had ended all too early. The club had cut the power and kicked the crowd out of the venue after Allin had encouraged the crowd into a near riot, destroying everything in their path. 

    A nearly naked Allin and a few friends found their way to a guy named Johnny Puke's apartment where they gathered up the rest of their coke, a fresh batch of heroin, and some Jim Beam to wash it all down. Over the course of the next few hours, they devoured their stash until Allin passed out, at which point the group decided it would be funny to take the infamous Polaroids with the incapacitated rocker. Puke even recalled how "[they] were cuddling with him and smiling in the photos." Apparently (at least according to Puke), Allin had still been snoring when they took the photographs, but by morning, he was literally out cold and completely blue, wearing nothing but "a cut-off jean jacket, Liz's skirt, those boots, and a silver Nazi helmet that he loved."

    • GG Was Buried Still Covered In Feces From His Last Show

      After Allin's friends called the cops, they hid the rest of their drugs on the roof and watched as police confiscated their creepily incriminating Polaroids, bagged up Allin, and carried his body down the building's five flights of stairs. 

      Allin's service was only a few days later, with an open-casket service that befit the performer. Allin's body was not embalmed, nor was it even washed, leaving the notorious punk rocker in a time capsule of his own demise, literally covered in his own feces and bloated as his body had begun to decay. 

      Despite the smell and morbidity of this scene, Allin's funeral quickly turned into an impromptu party celebrating his life. Friends even buried him with a bottle of Jim Beam, which they were sure to give him a few swigs of before securing it under his left arm.

      • His Fans Continue To Honor His Legacy Of Debauchery

        In honor of Allin's notorious stage presence, his fans and friends decided that the best way to pay their respects to their dearly departed would be to give him a taste of his own medicine by urinating, defecating, and littering his tombstone with alcohol and cigarette butts.

        However, this vandalization of Allin's final resting place quickly became too much for the cemetery and Allin's mother to handle, so his tombstone was removed in hopes of discouraging further destruction.

        • There's A Video Of His Last 13 Minutes Of Fame

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