This Punk Rock Singer's Friends Didn't Realize He Died

GG Allin's life story and performance antics are not for the faint of heart - this was a man who pushed past the very limits of human depravity and used every opportunity he had to bring his audiences, fans, and casual passersby to the edge right with him. The time Allin's entourage posed with his corpse is one of many outlandish GG Allin tales, and it's not even the most disturbing one. People loved and hated him, and it was within this polarized space that Allin thrived. Nearly everything he did - on stage and off - elicited a visceral response from those who happened to be around him. This included everything from punching fans to throwing his own fecal matter around packed auditoriums to revealing his intent to end his life on stage on Halloween. 

Even in death, he managed to continue his deviant legacy. On the evening of June 27, 1993, after performing a show and being chased down the street by a mob of fans and police alike, Allin and a group of friends and girlfriends made their way to an apartment where they continued to snort and drink everything in sight.