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Delightfully Inaccurate Movie Posters From Ghana Vs. Their American Counterparts

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Ghana movie posters are known for going extremes when it comes to promoting a movie. Unlike their American counterparts, these hand-painted pieces of art are not restricted to studio interference, artist approval, or plot. Instead, Ghana movie posters use local artists to help posters that will attract audiences in the area.

These artists put their own creative spin on the featured films, sometimes by making the movies seem a lot more intense and action-packed than they actually are. From the lethal hand-to-hand combat scenes in Mrs. Doubtfire to the epic warfare of Space Jam, Ghana movie posters are completely unique in their take on even family-friendly films. And when compared to their American counterparts, they make traditional movie posters seem downright boring. 

Here is a look at a small selection of Ghana movie posters compared to their official counterpart. Vote up the posters you feel best compliment the film.

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