Graveyard Shift

Everyone's Freaking Out Over This Creepy Footage Of A Ghost Caught On A School Security Camera

Did you ever wake up startled after hearing the sounds in your house or apartment, like those of creepy ghost recordings? Well, on October 1, 2017, CCTV security footage at Deerpark Christian Brothers School (CBS) in Cork City, Ireland, revealed that a ghost was tearing up the hallway of the school building. With no person or entity in sight, school administrators were left stunned and without an explanation for what was seen on the footage. Could it be paranormal activity? 

While many skeptics demand that a reasonable explanation exists, the principal and deputy principal of the school have denied any participation in trying to create a ghost hoax of any kind. Furthermore, the footage caught the invisible paranormal being on the weekend at 3:00 AM, when no students were present at the premises. With Halloween near, and no one claiming responsibility, students at the school are naturally uneasy. No longer do the students of Deerpark CBS fear pop quizzes - they have more significant conerns that transcend our world.