19 Ways to Prevent Evil Spirits from Haunting Your Home or Possessing Your Soul

You may not believe in ghosts, but chances are you get a little spooked by creepy stories. A compelling ghost story or a tale of demon possession is enough to make even an extreme skeptic look over their shoulder. And if you already believe in such things? Well, you're probably already looking for ways to ghost-proof your home. 

Whether you're a firm believer in ghosts and demons, or just want to cover your bases, you may want to take some precautionary measures to keep your home from being haunted and your soul from being possessed. It's always better to be safe than sorry! 

While many basic ways of protecting yourself and your home from ghosts and demons are well-documented, this list also covers more in-depth tips that may not be as well-known. Follow this guide for how to banish ghosts and demons from your home and soul, and you can sleep a little easier tonight. 

  • Don’t Panic

    Don’t Panic
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    Saying "don't panic" if you believe that your home is haunted is much easier said than done. However, it's the absolute best thing that you can do. If you're worried about a haunting or a possession, take a few deep breaths, clear your head, and try to think calmly and clearly. 

  • Eliminate Any Confounding Factors

    Eliminate Any Confounding Factors
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    There are many things that initially appear to be caused by dark forces, but are really just natural occurrences. If you live by a power station or hazardous waste facility, or if you have a gas leak or a rogue rodent, you may think you're experiencing something paranormal.

    Make sure to fully scope out the area outside of your home, as well as inside, so that you can eliminate all other factors before you jump to conclusions.

  • Cleanse Your Home

    Cleanse Your Home
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    There are several ways to spiritually cleanse your home, including smudging, praying, and casting a circle. Smudging involves burning certain herbs, which will then waft through your home in a specific direction. A professional can guide you on which herbs are best for your specific situation, as well as on the proper actions and words to make your smudging successful. 

    Prayer involves calling upon God, enlightened beings, saints, or others to join you in battling the evil spirits. The prayer or prayers should be chosen depending upon the entity that you are dealing with. As with smudging, a professional should be consulted. 

    Casting a circle by holding hands is traditionally a pagan or Wiccan ritual, but you can partake in this cleansing regardless of your beliefs. The purpose of the circle is to hold positive energy and create a sacred space. This sacred space can then be used to help fight off dark forces. 

  • Use Herbs and Other Beneficial Plants to Protect Your Home

    Use Herbs and Other Beneficial Plants to Protect Your Home
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    There are several plants and herbs that can help protect you and your home from dark forces. Agrimony wards off hostile magic and is used to reject evil spirits. A cilantro wreath rids your home of negative energy, and many people even grow cilantro in their garden to protect their home and property. However, it's very important to never burn cilantro, as it can increase negative energy. Valerian incense also helps ward off dark spirits. 

    Of course, it doesn't hurt that many of these plants and herbs smell delicious and look beautiful. Thwarting dark forces while improving your home's aesthetic is a win-win. 

  • Don’t Expose Yourself to Evil Forces

    Don’t Expose Yourself to Evil Forces
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    It sounds obvious enough, but it bears repeating: don't expose yourself to evil forces. Through your actions and emotions you can invite dark powers into your life unwittingly. Try to avoid harming others, wishing harm on others, or blindly participating in a negative or dangerous belief system, including occult religions.

    Try to avoid negative thoughts, as these leave you vulnerable to negative forces.

  • Seek Out a Trusted Professional

    Seek Out a Trusted Professional
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    You may want to seek out someone who has experience in dealing with ghosts, dark magic, evil spirits, or demons. However, this all depends on your belief system, and you should be vigilant in assessing a professional before choosing them. 

    Priests, Wiccan priestesses, spirit releasers, and any other person who claims experience in dealing with such forces should be carefully researched. Always trust your instincts, and leave if a person doesn't feel quite right.