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Who Would You Cast Instead Of Scarlett Johansson In Ghost In The Shell

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It’s always fun to fantasy cast an upcoming live-action film based off a Japanese anime or manga series. When Warner Brothers announced a possible live-action version of Attack on Titan, fans took to the web to fantasy cast the role of Eren Jaeger, the lead protagonist. Although the live-action Americanized version of Attack on Titan is still to-be-determined, one anime-turned-live-action for American audiences has already cast its stars, filmed its script, and is ready to hit theaters in March 2017. The film is none other than the highly-anticipated Ghost in the Shell, starring Scarlett Johansson. 

When the production team of the Ghost in the Shell film announced the lead role of Motoko Kusanagi would be played by Johansson, concerns were raised that such casting stood as an example of whitewashing. Many felt the best actors to play Kusanagi should be of Asian descent, while others felt that although Johansson was an okay choice, she’s been intensely overused for many similar, action-themed films.

Given the strong feelings surrounding this, this Ghost in the Shell fantasy casting list is for you to choose who should play Motoko Kusanagi.