Graveyard Shift

Haunted By Hate: The Murder Of "Queer Devil Worshippers" And The Ghosts Of Corpsewood Manor

There are many notable haunted places in Georgia - but there is one lesser known place that has a chilling backstory: the haunting of Corpsewood Manor. 

Corpsewood Manor has its own creepy legend rife with violence, murder, satanism, and sex. The estate was built in 1977 by owners Charles Scudder and Joseph Odom. They were well-liked in their small community, but people often gossiped about the couple, who stood out due to their openly gay relationship. Rumors spread even more after the couple was murdered in cold blood in their home.

The Corpsewood Manor murders continue to be a topic of discussion, and plenty of visitors stop by their old residence in hopes of witnessing a paranormal experience. Considered one of the most haunted houses in the South, what happened at the Corpsewood Manor is truly the stuff of nightmares. 

  • Charles Scudder And Joseph Odom Were Brutally Murdered Along With Their Dogs

    Scudder and Odom were killed by their friend, 17-year-old Kenneth Avery Brock. The three became close after the couple allowed him to hunt on their property. When he was there, Brock would often drink and chat with them. But while he was there, he saw an opportunity to rob them because of their wealth. He and his 30-year-old roommate, Samuel West, concocted a plan while getting high on paint fumes. In December 1982, the two invited their friends over to Corpsewood Manor for a drink.

    While they were enjoying cocktails, Brock excused himself from the group to grab a hunting rifle. He brought it back to the party and ambushed Scudder, demanding money and valuables. He bound him and walked into the kitchen, where Odom was taken off guard. He shot and killed Odom, killing him immediately. He then shot and killed the couple’s two beloved mastiffs.

    Brock and West brought Scudder into the kitchen, where he saw his lover and his dogs lying in pools of their own blood, and allegedly remarked "I asked for this." West shot him in the head five times. 

  • There Was Speculation Brock Had A Sexual Relationship With The Couple

    While this is widely disputed, some speculate Brock's plan to rob the couple stemmed from some sort of sexual situation. Some say Brock was willingly having sex with the couple, while some speculate Scudder and Odom propositioned him for sex but he turned them down. It's still unclear what the relationship between them was. 

  • Scudder Was A Member Of The Church Of Satan

    Scudder Was A Member Of The Church Of Satan
    Photo: Gustave Dore / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    While investigating the murders, police found several items in Corpsewood Manor linked to the Church of Satan. Many speculated about Scudder's relationship with the church and its founder, Anton LaVey. Reports began circulating that Scudder and LaVey were good friends and that LaVey would visit the manor on occasion. While there is no proof of such visits and LaVey himself denied ever visiting the property, evidence suggests they were on friendly terms. A high ranking official of the church, Peter Gilmore, verified that Scudder was a church member.

    Investigators discovered a card that was sent to Scudder and written by LaVey. They also located bank statements proving Scudder sent donations to the Church of Satan. Police also seized pen pal letters sent between him and various inmates in prison. In some of the letters, Scudder and his pen pals wrote being offended by being sent a traditional Christian card.

  • Brock Canvassed The House Incessantly To Plot His Robbery

    Brock was under the impression that the couple were wealthy and eventually told his 30-year-old roommate, West, about the “queer devil worshipers” and how they were the perfect victims to rob. After Brock and West began plotting a way to burglarize the men, Brock began canvassing the area of Corpsewood Manor in an attempt to familiarize himself with the property.