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25 Photo Mode Screenshots That Showcase Just How Stunning 'Ghost of Tsushima' Really Is

July 23, 2020 171 votes 16 voters25 items

While critics and casual players alike are ecstatic about Ghost of Tsushima's fluid combat system and gorgeous open environments, it's the game photo mode that's really taken the gaming world by storm. Players can customize virtually every element of their shots, including wind speed, color grading intensity, exposure bias, weather patterns, and more. In short, it makes for an epic experience.

Naturally, sites like Reddit and Twitter are bustling with images that are like poetry. We've gathered some of the best and most beautiful shots that have been uploaded so far. How well do you think these shots hold up? Do you have any of your own pictures you think are even better than the ones listed below?

Vote up all your favorite Ghost of Tsushima photos that make you want to travel to Tsushima Island. 

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    Among The Leaves 

    Photo: Sucker Punch Productions
    A gorgeous shot?
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    An Epic Battle

    Photo: Sucker Punch Productions

    From Twitter user @TheBooooper

    A gorgeous shot?
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    On Horseback

    Photo: Sucker Punch Productions

    From Twitter user @DevenWarlord

    A gorgeous shot?
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    A Distant Sunset

    Photo: Sucker Punch Productions
    A gorgeous shot?