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14 People Who Were Haunted By The Ghosts Of Their Parents

Losing a parent is one of the most harrowing experiences that a person can go through, especially if you’re too young to understand that death is a natural part of life. And as these creepy ghost stories suggest, perhaps those deceased parents weren't ready to leave Earth yet, either. Maybe these ghostly parents felt that they hadn't yet imparted all of their wisdom to their children, or that they had unfinished business.

In these haunted tales, you’ll read about ghost parents who haunted their own children. Some stopped by to offer kind words, or play with the family dog one last time. Other stories have a more sinister bent - why would an evil entity take on the form of someone's late father?

Read on for some goosebump-inducing anecdotes about departed loved ones. Whether you find these stories comforting or creepy, they're sure to leave an impression.

  • She Came Back For The Dog

    Photo: Gustave Doré / via Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 2.0

    A woman from Utah says she was visited by the ghost of her stepmother while she was in bed with her dog one night. The incident began when she woke up at around 2 a.m.

    "I heard someone whisper 'Hey.' As I opened my eyes I saw a figure kneeling beside my bed. I screamed bloody murder. Upon noticing who the figure was I calmed down. I believed that it was my stepmom. I laid my head back down as she sat there smiling and petting my dog. 'What's up?' I asked, to which there was no answer. 'Did you just want to say goodnight to Mopsy?' I asked, to which there was no answer. I opened my eyes and sat up. The figure I believed to be my stepmom disappeared as I viewed her from a different angle."

  • A Spirit Tells His Daughter That He's Proud

    Photo: Public Domain / via Wikimedia Commons

    A young woman whose father left her at the age of 7 claims to have been in contact with him after he passed away from cancer. The conversations with her dad started after she completed boot camp with the Marines.

    "I was sitting on post about 3 a.m. and I remember hearing my dad talking to me saying how proud he was of me since I never got a chance to tell him that I enlisted in the Marine Corps. The next day I remembered talking to him and wasn’t sure if it was just my sleep deprivation driving me insane or not."

  • An Otherworldly Hug

    Photo: Public Domain / via Wikimedia Commons

    After her mother died in a house fire in 2011, this young woman's health began to decline. But one day while she was visiting a doctor, something happened to make her feel just a little better.

    "I was sitting in the exam room waiting for my doctor to let me know I could leave and I could smell my mom, and suddenly, that smell enveloped me and I felt her hugging me and I calmed down a bit. It lasted a few minutes, but once it stopped, the room smelled like rubbing alcohol again."

  • Shadow Grandpa Stops By

    Photo: w:User:Timitzer / via Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 3.0

    This woman lost her father at the age of 19, three weeks before finding out she was pregnant. She now believes that her daughter has been visited by the spirit of her father. According to the woman, her daughter routinely points to the man's picture and says "cuddle grandad" while laughing. Things get even weirder when the girl is put to bed. 

    "After a while she sat herself up, looked and pointed to the bedroom door and called for grandad again, so I looked over to where she was pointing and there was the shadow of what looked like a man just standing there! This really scared me and like a kid I pulled the bed cover over us and looked away. When I looked again the 'shadow man' had moved to my daughter's cot then came to the bedside where she was sitting and kneeled down beside her!"