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Horrifying Ghost Stories From Antarctica That'll Chill You To The Bone

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Antarctica is touted as one of the most haunted places in the world. Sure, this is based on the number of ghosts per capita, but with a population fluctuating between around 1,100 brave folks in the winter to 4,400 during the summer, there is said to be roughly one perturbed spirit for every nine people that inhabit the desolate continent.

The spirits of explorers, scientists, and tourists are believed to wander the icy wasteland and the abandoned buildings they once inhabited during their lifetimes. Whether by plane crash or exposure to the extreme temperatures, many have involuntarily included themselves among the Antarctic ghosts.

  • 5. Spirits Of The Members Of The Endurance Expedition Slam Doors In The Wordie Hut

    The Wordie Hut is named after James Wordie, chief scientist on Sir Ernest Shackleton's 1914-1917 Endurance expedition. It was built in 1947 after the previous building was destroyed. It is no longer used, but it is considered a historic site and monument.

    After hearing several reports of a haunting, paranormal researchers from Destination Truth spent a night exploring the area. To make things even more creepy, the hut was still set up with furniture and canned food, as if the explorers from the early 20th century still inhabited it. Members of the team heard the frantic flipping of a light switch and the slamming of doors while staying in the hut. Items like jar lids fell off of shelves on their own. One member of the crew noted he felt a presence, and the rest of the team nodded in silent agreement.

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  • 6. Whale Bones And Spirits Cover Deception Island

    Deception Island once housed an old whaler's station, and the bones from their slaughters can still be found on the beach. The station was abandoned during the Great Depression when oil prices fell, and it was repurposed as a British base during WWII. The station still stands along with the containers used to boil whale fat, which are now coated with rust. Some visitors to the island have claimed to see apparitions and light orbs, and a few have heard voices.

    Paranormal researchers from Destination Truth visited the site and heard a few very unusual loud bangs and saw a shadowy figure. They also caught a thermal signature in a window and heard what sounded like an SOS code being tapped inside a shack. 

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  • 7. Antarctica Is Full Of Creepy Ghost Towns

    Photo: Liam Quinn / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.0

    Ever since humans have attempted to conquer Antarctica, they have left evidence that they were there. Because of the continent's inhospitable conditions, failed industries like whaling, and geographical inaccessibility, parts of Antarctica are littered with abandoned buildings and other structures. Military bases, research stations, huts, and whaling factories transformed into creepy ghost towns covered in rust and ice. Even a few abandoned ships can be found in the bays. People who have visited these abandoned buildings describe the environments as some of the creepiest they have ever seen. 

    To add to the creepiness of these abandoned sites, many of the structures still contain artifacts of the humans who once dwelled there. Sometimes, the residents died or decided to leave without taking everything they had brought, such as furniture, books, and blankets. Because of the cold temperatures, the food items explorers and researchers brought with them have been preserved. Thanks to warmer temperatures in the polar regions, the stored seal blubber in some cabins has started to go rancid, only adding to the spooky, hostile vibes of Antarctica's many ghost towns

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  • 8. Antarctica Has Subglacial Ghost Mountains No Human Has Ever Seen

    The Gamburtsev Mountain Range can be found in Antarctica, and even though they are similar in size to Europe's Alps, no one has ever seen them. A group of Russian explorers who traveled to the continent in the 1950s observed strange gravity fluctuations coming from below the ice. The cause of these bizarre fluctuations? An entire subglacial mountain range, hidden below a three mile layer of ice. 

    The mountains are extremely old and part of a rift that was formed roughly 250 million years ago. About 34 million years ago, the Antarctic ice sheet started forming, completely encapsulating the 1,800 mile-long range. Had the ice not preserved the range, erosion would have played its part. Scientists are still studying the subglacial range today - Fausto Ferraccioli of the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge, England, said, "It is as exciting as exploring another planet."

    Or terrifying. There is no telling what forms of life were also preserved in the freezing Antarctic ices millions of years ago. 

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