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15 Ghost Stories And Terrifying Tales From Dallas, TX

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Ghost stories from Texas will make your skin crawl, but those specifically from the city of Dallas will leave you paler than a full moon. Scary tales from Dallas are an eclectic ensemble, consisting of everything from jilted brides and workaholics to demonic goat men and even angry school girls. There is certainly a dark side to Dallas, and though it may have shaken its nickname of the “City of Hate,” it can’t loosen its ties to the paranormal. 

Haunted hotel stories are pretty easy to come by, especially ones in Dallas. There is a fair share of tragic accidents, horrific crimes, and suicides. It’s no wonder Dallas ghost tours do so well and Halloween is an incredibly busy time of year for the entire Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Collected here are some of the scariest Dallas ghost stories that have been passed around for generations - read them if you dare. 

  • The Legendary Goatman Has Been Spotted In White Rock Lake

    White Rock Lake is a suburb nestled in the northeast quadrant of Dallas, and according to witnesses, the infamous creature known as Goatman is stalking its shores. Picnickers have seen the 7-foot half-man, half-goat scamper out of the woods, upright on his two back hooves at dusk.

    Apparently, he just likes some privacy because all he does is try to chase visitors away. He grips trash and tires in his long gnarled fingers and heaves them at people. There have been Goatman sightings as far as Normangee, TX. 

  • The Spirits At Sons of Hermann Hall Can Out-Dance The Living

    This historic music venue is brimming with tales of ghostly occurrences. Paintings fall from the walls, doors slam, and the creepy sound of children’s laughter and footsteps can be heard well after closing time.

    The well-dressed ghosts of former patrons can be seen mingling on the dance floor. 

  • A Spirit Stalks The Nursery At The Millermore Mansion

    The Millermore Mansion is just as creepy as it sounds. This Civil War-era structure is the domain of the ghost of an unidentified woman. She has a tendency to remain near the master bedroom.

    The uneasy feeling of being watched is felt all throughout the historic home.   

  • The Stoneleigh Has A Long Dark History And The Spirits To Prove It

    A spirit named Margaret lingers at the Stoneleigh, traveling through the secret housekeeper’s passageways between the second and 11th floor, just as she did in life when she was the hotel manager’s mistress. It was during one of these late night rendezvous that she allegedly fell to her death, straight down from top to bottom, and her restless spirit has remained ever since.  

    The 12th floor is the Penthouse suite. Back in the '60s and ’70s, it was home to an elite club. Next to one of the penthouse entrances is a small storage area where a man’s body was found stuffed inside after being bludgeoned to death. It’s possible that this man is the source of the paranormal activity in the hotel. Glass shatters for no reason, lights flicker, and running can be heard in the halls.