Graveyard Shift A Guide to the Ghosts and Spirits Haunting Your Home  

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Hearing noises you can't explain? Perhaps you keep seeing something in the corner of your eye, but it's gone when you turn to look? You might be wondering, Is my house haunted? But finding out the yes or no would only be part of the mystery.

There are numerous types of ghosts, and each one is different. The key to figuring out if your ghost is a friendly Casper or a hostile poltergeist lies in correctly identifying the type of haunting, how your ghost found its way to your house, and want it wants. Some entities - like a piskie or a brownie - may actually help you. In that case, you're going to need to know how to treat them well. Some might not even know you exist, while others may signal an upcoming event. And the nasty sort you may need to banish from your house entirely - that is, if you ever want to get a good night's sleep again. 

Poltergeists May Be Created by Traumatic Energy in the Home

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A poltergeist are troublesome and unruly, though usually not seriously dangerous. They can turn appliances on and off, open and close doors, or knock things off shelves. They’re also not very calm, which is how they got their name: poltergeist is German for “noisy ghost.” The evidence of poltergeists is obvious, but they are never seen.

Poltergeists are believed to be the manifestation of trauma, either belonging to a living person (often a child or teen) who is unaware they are causing it, or trauma left over from a previous event. Even some people who believe in ghosts dispute the existence of poltergeists, believing them to be a form of psychokinesis caused by someone living in the house instead.

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The Bogeyman Lies in Wait for Naughty Children

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A bogeyman (also known as a bogey or bogle) is a malevolent spirit that is attracted to children. Some bogeymen punish disobedient or unruly children. Cultures throughout the world have some variant on the bogeyman - often he hides under the bed or in dark closets, frightening young children as they are trying to go to bed at night. 

Incubi And Succubi Seduce You in Your Sleep

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An incubus or succubus is a demon that seduces and has sex with humans in their sleep. An incubus is a male demon, while a succubus is a female demon. Folklore sometimes attributes the succubus to Lilith, the first wife of Adam in some versions of Judaism and Christianity.

Lilith’s origin story differs, but in certain tales, she was booted from the Garden of Eden for refusing to submit to Adam. Adam was then given a new mate in the form of Eve, who was submissive by nature, having been made from Adam’s rib.

If having sex with a demon sounds like fun to you, you should know that folklore often states that your nightly encounters with these creatures may drain your life force and ultimately kill you. People who do not believe in succubi or incubi believe this was a supernatural cautionary tale told to get people to stop masturbating, as masturbation or sexual fantasy was claimed to lure these particular demons. 

Piskies Are Tiny, Mischievous Trickster Spirits

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In Cornish folklore, the piskie (also spelled "pixie") is a fairy-type creature who appears as a small old man wearing a red cap and a wig made of gray lichen. They are no larger than a mouse and often ride snails. While generally harmless and even inclined to be helpful at times, piskies are tricksters who might occasionally play irritating pranks, like intentionally leading travelers astray. Some say piskies are the souls of unbaptized babies; others, the souls of pagans. A piskie dies once it has shrunk so small that he ceases to exist at all.

Piskies are related to the "knockers," small creatures that live in mines and warn miners of impending collapses.