Small But Awesome Details From The 'Ghostbusters' Movies

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The Ghostbusters films are a pair of '80s classics, but despite how many times you've seen there is likely something you missed. These Redditors scoured the films and found a number of small details that are likely to make your next viewing even more enjoyable.

Photo: Ghostbusters / Columbia Pictures

  • 1. The 'Carpathia'

    The 'Carpathia'
    Photo: u/Tokyono / Reddit
    103 votes
  • 2. Genuine Reaction

    Genuine Reaction
    Photo: u/Tokyono / Reddit
    85 votes
  • 3. The Boy Who Would Be King

    The Boy Who Would Be King
    Photo: u/QBlank / Reddit
    83 votes
  • 4. 'Casper' Crossover

    'Casper' Crossover
    Photo: A Former Redditor / Reddit
    60 votes
  • 5. Vinz Clortho

    Vinz Clortho
    Photo: u/dirtdivr / Reddit
    69 votes
  • 6. Public Image

    Public Image
    Photo: u/Tokyono / Reddit
    74 votes