The Most Ghostbusters Moments in the Reboot Trailer  

Jacob Shelton
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The new Ghostbusters trailer is jam-packed full of references and callbacks to the original two films. In fact, there are so many Ghostbusters remake similarities that this list counts down all of the best moments from the trailer that directly correspond to the film that started it all. If you haven’t watched the Ghostbusters reboot trailer, do that now so you’ll know what we’re talking about. Unless you like to live dangerously, then by all means start reading about all of the Ghostbusters callbacks in the trailer.

One of the fans' biggest fears is that the new Ghostbusters film would ignore the continuity of the original film in favor of setting itself apart. But now that the trailer is available, fans need not worry because almost every shot is full of references to the original films. From the Ecto-1’s first appearance, to a particularly familiar piece of headgear, it’s obvious that the Ghostbusters reboot is crafted in the image of the original.

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The Firehouse Is Ghostbusters HQ Again
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If you didn't squee just a little bit when you saw the firehouse, then you obviously spent way more time playing outside than we did. 
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This Reverse Shot of the Ghostbusters
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Hey look, it's a shot of the new cast that lines up perfectly with the original film.
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The Original Logo Isn't Going Anywhere
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Is Kristen Wiig actually Banksy? No one has ever seen them in the same place at the same time, so it's within the realm of possibility. The graffiti logo in the trailer is a way of recalling the past without having Bill Murray pop up on screen and say "Hey dummies, it's a Ghostbusters movie. Relax." 
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Ray Parker Jr.'s Skating Rink Anthem Returns
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Video: YouTube
Since it was announced that the Ghostbusters reboot was definitely happening, one of the questions that loomed the largest was "What about Ray Parker Jr.?" Don't worry, from the very beginning of the trailer it's apparent that the Academy Award Winning theme to Ghostbusters isn't going anywhere. 


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