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Every Ghost In The Ghostbuster Films And Their In-Game Counterparts

List RulesOnly ghosts featured in the first two Ghostbusters movies.

Here are all the ghosts from the original Ghostbusters movies and what they look like in the Ghostbusters World mobile game. From Slimer to StayPuft, this list of Ghostbusters ghosts also includes some lesser known characters who will be available to trap in the Ghostbusters mobile game.

While a new interactive game is always fun, it’s certainly always nerve-wracking to wonder if a game will do justice to the franchise. Especially since these ghosts were known for their creepy looks, it’s only natural that you’d want to see what they’re going to look like on a mobile screen. What’s Slimer without his slime, after all? Don’t worry, because it looks like the game will be making sure these ghosts are done justice. Some of them are so true to the original that you’re really going to want to capture them! We’ve gone through some of the most iconic ghosts that appeared in the original movies that you’ll be able to capture in game. Here are their side-by-side comparisons with the original movie designs versus the new game.

  • Photo: Creative Labs & Nextage/Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

    The famous Ghostbusters ghost is back, and he's looking just as gooey as ever with that devious smile of his. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man was an icon from the original Ghostbusters movie. We all remember how Ray regretfully thought of the company's logo during one of the most critical moments of the movie. It's too bad we don't know this ghost by his nickname, "Tubby Soft-Squeeze". 

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    Photo: Creative Labs & Nextage/Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

    They couldn't have a Ghostbusters game without the ever-iconic ghost, Slimer! As disgusting as this ghost has always been, his new look actually makes him look a tad more lovable. After all, getting slimed by him will be a whole different feeling through our phones than what it looked like on the big screen! 

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    Vinz Clortho

    Photo: Creative Labs & Nextage/Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

    The right hand (paw?) dog to Gozer and other half of Zuul, Vinz is the corporeal creature known for taking over male hosts and labeling them as "The Keymaster" in order to make way for his master's arrival. We like that the game kept his noticeably longer horns, but we also hope that we're not going to run around talking to horses if he accidently possesses us. 

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    Photo: Creative Labs & Nextage/Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

    Who could forget the most popular devil dog to come out of the series? Gozer's loyal pup, Zuul, is popular for a number of lines, especially ones pertaining to Dana and "The Gatekeeper". We love that the game kept her original design, although we have to admit she does look just a tad more lovable this way! We're looking forward to capturing her; that is, if she doesn't posses us first. 

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